Breaking News: Twenty One Pilots Unveil ‘Clancy’ Album and Release Epic ‘Overcompensate’ Music Video!

Twenty One Pilots officially announced the clancy It was Thursday (February 29). The calendar's quadrennial quirk was the perfect time to reveal that the final chapter of the blurred face The saga will unfold when the Columbus, Ohio duo's seventh album drops on May 17.

Before releasing the video for first single “Overcompensate,” singer-guitarist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun shared the album's fiery artwork earlier in the day, in which the pair stand in the middle of a field of flames licking , with the title positioned vertically above Joseph's balaclava. -darkened face.

The visual for “Overcompensate” begins with a floating shot of an ocean before a glitchy woman’s voice and the insistent drone of a keyboard emerge over a map of Trench’s fictional land. The drone-like shot flies over a barren-looking island before landing on Dema as a sinister voice croaks, “Welcome back to Trench.”

The scene changes to an empty arena bathed in blood-red light, with Dun in the middle of the floor playing the song's thunderous beat as a masked Joseph materializes to sing to a room full of grim-faced young men dressed in gray hoodies. . With the beat slowing, Joseph breaks into his familiar rap cadence: “I earned my stripes/ Three hundred tracks on my Adidas jacket/ Bless your earholes as you react/ Acting stunned, don't hesitate to maybe overcompensate/ I feel like I was right here/ The same tic in my eyes,” before singing the melodic chorus, “I fly down the dangerous curve symbol/ Don't hesitate to maybe overcompensate/ And then when I understand my peripheral/ Don't hesitate to maybe overcompensate.” .

Climbing to a high point in a pulpit-like location, not unlike the platform Joseph often climbs on during the band's arena shows, the singer then reveals “I am Clancy,” opening his jacket to reveal suspenders with rune-shaped letters running down. them horizontally. Near the end of the clip, the audience leaves and Dun and Tyler move to the front of a classroom as a series of mysterious symbols, maps, and legends are projected onto their faces. It ends, of course, with another inexplicable image: a bright-eyed Clancy dressed all in black holding a pair of animal horns before smiling slyly at the camera.

Because 21P's gnarled global edifice is packed with more Easter eggs than a Taylor Swift concert, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Clancy's release date is exactly nine years after the 2015 release of the first album in the extensive blurred face saga. Last week, the band began the release of the new album's story through the four-minute “I Am Clancy” recap video, which served to catch up on the story of the allegorical walled city of Dema, the rebel bandit bandit. . group and the villain of the story, the red-clad Nice, also known as Blurryface.

The upcoming album is posited as the latest entry in the long story that began with the group's 2015 breakthrough. blurred face album, and then continued in 2018's Ditch and 2021 Scaling and ice cream. The news was accompanied by what appears to be the color theme of the clancy album, bureaucracy, which was seen on the digital covers of the band's albums on streaming services. Blurryface's story began with a red and black color scheme before transitioning to yellow for Ditch.

Check out Clancy’s album cover and video for “Overcompensate” below.

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