You won’t believe how Twenty One Pilots tie up their decade-long storyline in ‘Clancy’ album!

The duo share the first single “Overcompensate” from their upcoming LP, the “final chapter” of an arc that began in 2015. blurred face

Twenty one pilots will conclude a nearly decade-long narrative with their next LP clancywhich concludes the duo's multi-album arc that began with 2015's. blurred face.

Before clancyOn the May 17 release, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun shared the video for the album's first single and opening salvo, “Overcompensate.”

Clancy is billed as the “final chapter” of a story that began with blurred faceclancy arrives on the ninth anniversary of that album's release on May 17, 2015, and continues through 2018's concept album. Ditch (where Clancy starred), as well as Twenty One Pilots' most recent LP, 2021. Scaling and ice cream; The title of that album was an anagram of “Clancy Is Dead.”

clancy — co-produced by Joseph and Trench producer Paul Meany — is available for make an order now in a variety of formats, including two limited-edition deluxe box sets, four additional retail-exclusive vinyl variants, a bundle containing a CD, journal and cassette, and more.


clancy Track List

1. Overcompensate
2. Next semester
3. Midwest Indigo
4. Routines at night
5. Recoil
6. Vignette
7. The Craving (Jenna's Version)
8. luxurious
9. Browsing
10. Go back
11. Old station
12. At the risk of feeling stupid
13. Paladin Strait

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