Breaking: Eagles shock NFL by trading star pass rusher to Jets for future draft pick!

Consider it a cutting-edge talent exchange, if you will. Weeks after pass rusher Bryce Huff left the Jets for a three-year, $51.1 million contract with the Eagles, the two teams reached an agreement to send Reddick to New York, where the Jets are committed to 2024.

Reddick's compensation has been a sticking point for the Eagles since early February, when Philadelphia gave Reddick permission to pursue a trade. 2024 is also shaping up to be the third straight season the Eagles will embark on their football journey with a new defensive coordinator, with veteran coach Vic Fangio replacing Sean Desai, who was fired following a nightmarish regression in 2023. The Combined factors attracted the Eagles went to buy in Reddick and on Friday they found a business partner.

Reddick put up quality numbers in 2023, recording 11 sacks and 38 tackles (13 for loss), earning him a second straight trip to the Pro Bowl. However, he wasn't the same game-changing force as the year before, and after enjoying quality production from Reddick at an incredibly affordable price ($6.9 million cap hit in 2023), the Eagles weren't too interested in seeing that number jump to $21.8 million in 2024 (or take his dead cap number to $14.6 million in 2025).

Once Jadeveon Clowney signed with Carolina, the Eagles found a solution to their problem in the Jets, who struck out with Clowney and needed another proven running back following Huff's departure. New York will likely put Reddick in the lineup opposite Jermaine Johnson in a front that should remain one of the most threatening in football.

Ideally, Reddick, a former first-round pick who was largely considered a bust entering his senior year in Arizona, would then reclaim the narrative of his career with four consecutive seasons of quality production spread across three teams (Arizona , Carolina and Philadelphia). ) — signs long-term deal with Jets. For now, however, he is on a one-year contract with a New York team that will be happy to welcome a proven running back to a defense that has been his strength in recent years.

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