You won’t believe the exciting new partnership announced by the F1 Miami Grand Prix!

– A new and important partnership is confirmed between the MIAMI CRYPTO.COM FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX and the prestigious international collector car auction house Bonhams | Cars

– Bonhams | The cars will feature a live auction in front of the podium and on the track at the Miami International Speedway on Saturday night at this year's race with Bonhams CEO | Cars, Maarten ten Holder leads the auction

– Fans will be able to enjoy the display of modern and contemporary supercars and Formula 1 race cars throughout the Miami campus during the weekend of May 3-5, 2024.

MIAMI GARDENS, Florida – South Florida Motorsports (SFM), the organizers of the 2024 CRYPTO.COM FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX, are pleased to confirm a new partnership with the prestigious international auction house Bonhams|Cars to present a live auction during the weekend of race week this year. .

The live auction will take place directly on the track in front of the podium on the south side of Miami International Speedway on Saturday, May 4 for guests as well as Bonhams|Cars customers and car collectors. Approximately 25 collector cars will be driven to the racetrack for the auction and will be displayed throughout the Miami campus throughout the weekend for racing fans to view.

Spanning the automotive culture of Miami and the broader South Florida region, Bonhams|Cars will present a collection of premier supercars and legendary Formula 1 race cars for this newly formed partnership between the prestigious auction house and the FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX CRYPTO.COM.

“We are delighted to be able to announce our new partnership with Bonhams|Cars,” said Tyler Epp, President of FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX CRYPTO.COM. “Miami's fan and collector community has a great passion for all types of automobiles, old and new, so the fact that enthusiasts will have the opportunity to own one of the items from this special lot will add further appeal to a busy weekend. -Action on the track at this year's MIAMI CRYPTO.COM FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with the CRYPTO.COM FORMULA 1 MIAMI GRAND PRIX that combines the high energy of Formula 1 racing with the vibrancy of the city of Miami,” said Maarten ten Holder, CEO of Bonhams| Cars, who will lead the auction. “The popularity of Formula 1 continues to rise in the United States, as does car culture in Miami, making this the perfect combination; We hope that the auction of contemporary and modern supercars takes advantage of this enthusiasm. “This collaboration celebrates the passion that fuels car lovers and collectors: from experiencing how these vehicles are pushed to their limits on the track to the pride of owning a piece of automotive excellence.”

Bonhams|Cars is part of the global network of Bonhams auction houses – a network with unrivaled global reach and the ability to provide specialist support at a regional level around the world, and a name that has been synonymous with expertise and quality for hundreds of years. of years. . Bonhams|Cars organizes 17 live auctions a year, participates in all major competitions around the world and presents unique sales opportunities at international events.

After two races, the FORMULA 1 CRYPTO.COM MIAMI GRAND PRIX has quickly established itself as an event that combines luxury hospitality, exciting racing and a fan-centric experience and now serves as the unofficial kickoff to the Formula 1 season. summer motor sports. Entering its third year, Miami has been chosen as one of six venues to host an F1 Sprint in 2024, meaning an additional race will take place on Saturday, guaranteeing three days of competitive Formula 1 action. Miami will also host a round of the dynamic new F1 Academy, the youth series created to find the next female F1 star.

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