Unbelievable: This F1 Driver Holds the Record for Most Wins in a Single Season!

Over the past two seasons, Formula One fans have enjoyed an unprecedented run. Max Verstappen has won 34 races in that span, including a remarkable 19-win season in 2023.

With the 2024 Formula One season underway, let's take a look at the winningest seasons by individual drivers in F1 history.

Max Verstappen, 19 wins (2023)

Last year, Verstappen had the most dominant season in Formula One history, winning 19 races. To put it in context, only 17 drivers in the sport's 78-year history have won 19 races in their entire career. Verstappen won 86.4% of races in 2023, an F1 record. Last year he scored 575 of the 620 points available (another F1 record). The difference between Verstappen and the runner-up, Sergio Pérez, was 290 points. At one point, Verstappen won 10 consecutive races, an F1 record. Verstappen is currently at his own level, and all eyes will be on the 26-year-old to see how he continues his record-breaking season.

Max Verstappen, 15 wins (2022)

Many of the records Verstappen broke in 2023 were his, as his 2022 campaign was also filled with incredible performances. Verstappen won 15 races in 2022, including nine of the last 11. His 454 points broke the F1 record, previously held by Lewis Hamilton (who scored 413 points in 2019). Verstappen's 68.2% winning percentage was impressive, but nothing compared to what would come the following year.

Sebastian Vettel, 13 wins, (2013)

Before Verstappen, Vettel held the record for most wins in a single season, including nine consecutive wins at the end of the year. Vettel won 68.4% of his races that season. In the end he scored 397 points, 155 more than runner-up Fernando Alonso. Vettel led Formula One in points from 2010 to 2013. 2013 turned out to be the best season of Vettel's career. The following year, he did not win any races and finished fifth in points.

Michael Schumacher, 13 wins (2004)

During the 2004 season, Schumacher won 13 of a possible 18 races, giving him an impressive winning percentage of 72.2. He started the year strong, winning 12 of the first 13 races of the season. He clinched the championship with more than a third of the season remaining. He finished the year with 148 points, 34 more than runner-up Rubens Barrichello. When Schumaker retired in 2012, he held the F1 record for championships and grand prix wins.

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