Governor Hochul Reveals Latest Plans for NY Eclipse – Don’t Miss Out on the Action!

Traffic preparations

Governor Hochul has ordered State Police, DOT and the Thruway to prepare for high volumes of traffic over the weekend leading up to the eclipse and through April 9. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the shoulder of the road to view the eclipse. DOT and Thruway will have more staff and patrols for maintenance and traffic crews. Additionally, construction and temporary lane closures will be suspended to allow traffic to flow.

Eye protection

During the eclipse, it is especially dangerous to look directly at the sun without specialized eye protection and can lead to serious injury. Partial phases of the solar eclipse can only be observed safely and directly with specialized eclipse glasses or a portable solar viewer; Regular sunglasses are not a safe substitute. On March 18, Governor Hochul launched a statewide initiative to distribute limited editions I love the New York eclipse glasses. at 30 locations across the state. There are a limited number of cups available for daily distribution, and Additional supplies for eye protection are available here.

Eclipse events

Governor Hochul announced in early March that numerous eclipse viewing gatherings will be scheduled at many parks and historic sites in New York State on April 8 and for the next two weeks. Register for dozens of events and activities. through OPRHP Events Calendar and the eclipse website. The Governor also announced that beginning April 4, 2024, scientists, subject matter experts and astronauts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will provide programming and exhibits at Niagara Falls State Park, as well as throughout the city. Full list of events found here It will be free and open to the public.

Come for the eclipse, stay in New York

I LOVE NY has launched the multi-platform campaign “Come for the eclipse, stay for New York” to present New York as THE ideal place to witness this event. The campaign and a eclipse special website highlighting viewing location information In the five regions that will experience the path of totality, a variety of eclipse-related attractions and special events will take place across the state across their digital platforms, including instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter/X. a downloadable special edition eclipse poster Also available, created through I LOVE NY's partnership with acclaimed artist and professional astronomer Dr. Tyler Nordgren. Visit for additional locations and safety tips.

To complement any trip or eclipse viewing experience, I LOVE NY created a special eclipse playlist on Spotify, with songs that reference the eclipse or New York state, or are eclipse-adjacent. From classics like “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler and “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles, to “Starman” by David Bowie and “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift, there are more than 80 selected songs available to offer as an ideal soundtrack for the total solar eclipse.

New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said: “There is no better place to watch the next solar eclipse than New York State, and under Governor Hochul's leadership, all levels of government are working around the clock to ensure this event is as safe and enjoyable as possible. . The Department of Transportation will have equipment and resources available to help people get where they need to go before, during and after the eclipse. But everyone must do their part and that means planning ahead. We urge everyone to arrive early at their destinations, stay later, avoid parking on the side of the road and, above all, be patient. “There will be a lot of people on the roads and it is up to each of us to keep safety as a priority so that everyone can enjoy this natural wonder.”

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