Dune 2 Dominates the Box Office While Other Films Fail to Impress 🌟

Even in! This is Sean McNulty (Connect with me on LinkedIn here if you want.), and here's the Hollywood + Media news you should know SUNDAY March 3, 2024.

Where you travel today, greetings from my afternoon! It's amazing what you find when you leave Queens (along with 40-50 mph winds). Although mmm, too much hat? πŸ€”

ALSO: Here are your ACE eddy award winners to edit.

AND: Congratulations to IOWA's Caitlin Clark for breaking another record, this time the all-time NCAA D1 college basketball scoring record held by β€œPistol” Pete Maravich since 1981. Apparently STATE FARM's Travis Scott and Jake were there to witness the milestone. (although there is no sign of a Kelce). Oh right, IOWA also won the game, avenging a loss from the previous season against OHIO STATE.

FURTHER: A snapshot of Elaine in The Netflix coup in las vegas today! Tomorrow you'll have your full report on the event and NETFLIX's live ambitions at Business Series. Apparently there was a 14-point tiebreaker to decide it, which sounds very exciting. . . and Elaine promised to fully explain to me what that means, someday.

FURTHER: The MORGAN STANLEY Technology/Media/Telecommunications Conference It's tomorrow until Wednesday. Here are links to listen to tomorrow's featured conversations (times are ET):

Congratulations to my colleagues from $80 million to $90 million Dune quota!

  • Within Dune 2 numbers, although don't expect much success in the World Bank's first quarter earnings report due out in early May. Additionally, the specialty receives a welcome new participant, The chosen one ends its season 4, AMAZON does business again with the Russo brothers and more.

SOME HOME MAINTENANCE: Maybe I'll take Tuesday off because I enjoy a little free time out west, unless another movie studio head decides to leave (can you πŸ™ wait until Wednesday?).


I was this close 🀏 to going with the popcorn bucket. . . but then Zendaya said she would do this to me. So yeah, let's get to the movie. via Giphy

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