You Won’t Believe Which ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Just Revealed They’re Expecting with a Donor!

Lala Kent has a baby on the way!

The “Vanderpump Rules” star, 33, revealed that she is expecting her second child in a instagram post over the weekend.

“I'm expanding my group,” he wrote in the caption.

She shared a photo of her daughter, Ocean, who turns 3 on March 15, smiling at her baby bump.

Kent welcomed Ocean in 2021 with her ex-partner, Randall Emmett.

She used a donor to conceive her second baby, she confirmed on a March 4 episode of her show. “Dales Lala” Podcast. She also revealed on her podcast that she found out she was pregnant on December 22.

The Bravo star opened up about her experience using intrauterine insemination (IUI) to try for a baby and reflected on how other people in her life reacted.

He began by explaining “the strange way” in which he conceived his son.

Kent said that when you get pregnant naturally with a partner, “people don't actively check in” and ask questions like, “Was it necessary? It was necessary?

“With mine it was like having an IUI because I got a donor,” she continued. “The people I would say, I didn't think it through, people I would say, 'I'm going to have my first IUI,' and then they would actively text me the next day, 'When will you know if I'm going to have it?' Took?'

“So I had people actively asking me, 'Are you pregnant, are you pregnant, are you pregnant?'”

“It's very strange the first trimester because it's kind of back and forth, and you don't know what's going to happen,” she added.

Kent spoke to in January about the donor route.

“I've prayed a lot about this and had a lot of conversations about whether this is the right step for me, if and when I'm ready to have another baby,” she said. “So you'll see a lot of that journey play out on 'Vanderpump Rules,' and I'm excited because my family unit is definitely not normal.”

She also explained why she is eager for her daughter to have a little brother or sister.

“Having a brother is so amazing. You can relate when your mom or dad is acting silly, you have someone to call and joke with,” she told “It's like you're a best friend, but you're also related by blood, so it's a bond like no other. And I feel like I would be doing him a disservice if she didn't give him a brother, like the one I grew up with.”

She also said that she would possibly be willing to expand her family even more, but that she would have to “touch things with caution.”

“I feel like if I venture to have more than two, like if we were three, then we might as well do four,” he said. “I would limit it to four, but like three kids… I always think that at Disneyland, a person won't have a friend to ride with.”

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