You won’t believe Ryan Argast’s jaw-dropping Blind Audition on the latest season of The Voice!

When it comes to blinds The voice, there aren't many decisions more important than song choice. Any time you cover someone else's work, it's impossible to avoid a comparison, so you have to choose carefully. The right song can highlight your talents, while the wrong one can sour coaches before you get to the first chorus.

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Look The voice Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC and the next day on Peacock.

The season premiere of The voice Season 25 was packed with incredible performances from a wide range of talented artists and every single one of them took a chance on that stage. However, none of them were arguably at greater risk than Ryan Argast, 30, of Plainfield, Illinois.

Ryan Argast sings “Speechless” by Dan + Say on The voice Season 25

Ryan has been “making noise” singing in multiple bands since he was in fifth grade, and it has all led him to The voice. Ryan took the stage focused and determined. He knew what he wanted, what team he wanted and he set out to make it clear from the beginning. “For me the most important thing as a singer is to be a storyteller. There is no one who does it better than Dan + Shay.”

Married in 2020, Ryan has a special connection to the song “Speechless” by Dan + Shay, which is about seeing your spouse for the first time on your wedding day. Performing a song by one of the coaches, in this case The voiceThe first coaching duo in history is always a risk and Ryan could only hope it paid off. “I hope they hear the emotion and believe the story,” Ryan said.

Tension filled the room from the first notes, the coaches immediately recognized the tune and all eyes were on Dan + Shay. The moments and melody flew by as Ryan sang to the faceless backs of Coach's thrones. Finally, a whispered exchange between Dan + Shay: “I like it” and “I think we should try it.” Go ahead, they did it. Ryan got only one chair turn, but it was the one that counted.

“I love the texture of your voice. I love that it feels like it's breaking but it's strong at the same time,” John Legend said, before Reba McEntire chimed in. “You're going to have a good time with these two here. They have knowledge, they are great singers and songwriters. “I’m really sorry I missed it, but you’ll have fun with them.” Finally, Dan + Shay addressed their new team member.

“That was risky, but it was worth it. I knew exactly what I was listening to and you were the magic we were looking for,” Shay said, before handing it to Dan. “The beginning was super true to form, super sexy, super R&B, and when that chorus hit, you made it yours. “I’m going to be thinking about that performance every time we sing that song now.”

In case performing and being selected by your favorite coaches wasn't enough, John Legend convinced Dan + Shay to join Ryan for a special three-person performance of “Speechless.” The three of them took the stage together for a couple of bars to celebrate Ryan joining the Dan + Shay team.

You'll see more of Ryan Argast and the rest of the competitors on season 25 of The Voice. New episodes air Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC and the following day. in peacock.

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