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Poor communication and presentation of business information breeds poor decisions. We may be masters of the spreadsheet and wizards with a project plan, but we are not always brilliant at communicating or presenting the results of our work

Management meetings can, sometimes, be tedious and uninspiring, where managers compete for excuses to avoid attending!

A good manager is someone who understands performance and can present information in a way that enables others to understand what the issues are and make correct decisions. A good manager can cut through the fog of numbers to make a clear point and assist others to make effective decisions.

In “Business Communication Skills” we present tools and structures that will help you plan and deliver your message effectively and facilitate group meetings to achieve a useful outcome.

Topics covered include:

· The principles of effective communication

· Planning your communication – message, audience, medium, structure, call to action.

· How to structure your communication

· Language patterns to help get your message across

· How to facilitate Business Meetings

· The Skills of a good facilitator

· The rules for a well-structured meeting

· Planning your meeting agenda

· How to facilitate an online meeting

· What to look for when facilitating a session

· Tools you can use in facilitation.

· Evaluating your Facilitation

I hope you enjoy the course.

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