An Intro to Lonero + the Decentralized Internet | Udemy Coupons July 2024

The Decentralized Internet is a key part of the future of blockchain. Not only this, but lots of history on the fourth amendment, privacy and free market policies all went into the history of making cryptocurrency, decentralization and blockchain popular. Taking this course should give you a decent introduction to this topic and some related development tools you can use. Things such as Lonero’s decentralized internet SDK, different terminal tools, operating systems, and crypto concepts will also be briefly mentioned. You will also be learning quite a bit about BOINC, or “Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing”, and other tools that integrate BOINC. Advanced topics such as Distributed Biostatistics and Quantum Cryptography will also be briefly mentioned. These tools provide a brief on what may be the future of the internet, P2P data transfer protocols and maybe even telecom communications in general. Even the DIEM Protocol, and looking at cases such as Ross Ulbricht, Kim Dotcom, and Charlie Shrem provide an intro to some of the ethics that go into a decentralized future, and a talk about privacy. Surveillance Capitalism and the Aaron Swartz case is also briefly mentioned. This course will introduce you to all of that and key technology being created in the field.

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