You Won’t Believe What Shakira Just Revealed About Her Relationship with Gerard Pique!

Whenever and wherever, Shakira will share her truth. The Queen of Latin music appeared in Tonight's show starring Jimmy Fallon Monday (March 25) and spoke about her former relationship with soccer star Gerard Piqué and how it had prevented her from producing a full album.

The three-time Grammy winner, who was on the late-night show to promote her new album, Women Don't Cry Anymore [Women No Longer Cry]told the comedian that the reason for the seven-year gap between his last collection and 2017 The Golden It was his ex. “I've been putting out music here and there, but I think it was very difficult for me to put together a body of work,” the Colombian superstar shared. “I did not have time. “It was the husband factor.”

“Now I don't have a husband,” declared the Wolf. (Shakira and Piqué, who announced their separation in 2022, never married during their 11-year relationship, but share two children.) “The husband was dragging me down. I'm free now! Now I can really work!”

The musician continued to open up in the interview, sharing her grieving and recovery processes. “I was trying to rebuild myself and music was the glue, but it felt like it was an alchemical process where I was transforming pain, anger and frustration into creativity, productivity, strength and resilience,” the singer-songwriter explained while speaking. of the alternative covers of their new album, which have precious stones as their theme. “The resilience of a diamond. That's why I chose the metaphor of precious stones, because of the resilience that women have today when we have to face adversity,” Shakira told Fallon.

The star also spoke about the societal expectations placed on women to hide their pain and conform to certain healing standards, a notion she firmly rejects. The title of her new album embodies this sentiment, with the singer explaining: “It's the men's turn.” [to cry] now. now women [should] Decide when to cry, how to cry and until when. “No one is supposed to tell us how to deal with life’s difficulties.”

During his appearance in tonight's show, the singer also performed “Puntería,” originally starring Cardi B. Shakira, dressed in baggy white pants and a string top, began her performance seated. Amid iridescent curtains and a pearlescent background that displayed a gigantic diamond on the screen, Shak was flanked by two dancers, and as he stood up they were joined by two more, all dressed in matching dresses as they danced in unison to the electro-pop song. .

Before the performance and interview, the show began with the superstar. undergoing a fun lie detector test. “Everything connected?” Fallon asked Drew Barrymore, who made a special appearance as a technician.

“We are ready,” she responded.

“You know what to do, Shakira,” Fallon said of Shak’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “Hips Don’t Lie.” With cables hooked to her hips, the Barranquilla singer began to spin them in Shakira's classic style.

“It's true that they tell the truth,” replied a serious Barrymore.

“Her hips don't lie,” Fallon added, hitting the nail on the head.

Watch the “Aim” performance and lie detector test below, and Shak’s full interview above.

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