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This course of the Arabic language for beginners is different in learning. you will learn vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and reading at the same time as learning letters. Then, you should memorize each word you learn to facilitate using them in speaking, reading, and in your daily life.

The second Section: after completing all letters, we will use these letters in vocabulary with sentences. Therefore, you practice pronunciation, listening, and still memorizing the words.

There are many Quizzes you can do to practicing more and reviewing the videos many times is so much useful and helpful to answer the questions.

After taking lessons, and memorizing words, You should try to write firstly letters, secondly words and thirdly sentences when you listen them.                   REPEAT  and REPEAT, JUST PRACTICE and PRACTICE.

Finally, we will do some examples of speaking. Furthermore, you can use what you have learned in reading and vocabulary in your speaking. Also, I will give you some extra  exercises to learn more vocabularies and their use in sentences. I hope you do them with enjoy and enthusiasm.

It is absolutely necessary to write in comments the problems you have faced. I PROMISE to answer to all questions.

Do not forget, we are here to learn something new with extremely funniest and love

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