Hands-On Guide to Stock Trading and Investing in the US | Udemy Coupons 2024

The MOST hands-on instruction available for stock market investing by a professional trader.

Through the course, you’ll learn:

  • The Basics: You’ll learn about the financial industry, how stocks and bonds work, and how the right account type can save you on taxes.
  • Portfolio Creation: You’ll learn how stocks and bonds play into risk and reward. You’ll create a portfolio that goes after rewards while minimizing risks.
  • Performance: You’ll see how professional analysts scrutinize companies. You’ll find simple ways to incorporate these factors into your trading.

The biggest problem with the majority of information about investing on the internet is that people always beat around the bush! This course is different. The instructor designed the course coaching real people through the investing process. Learn the strategy and the implementation with our exact how-tos on everything stock and bonds.

No drawn-out sessions with redundant information. Absorb massive knowledge fast! Videos are straight to the point and get you exactly what you need to know. The lectures mimic real-life investing coaching sessions.

Get specialized insights. The instructor makes a living off of trading the markets. Get his techniques to analyzing companies and stock pricing.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’ll learn time-tested values to get you investing in the stock market the smart way.

Much of the information is specialized for people trading in the US.

With this course you’ll get:

  • Hands-on lessons from beginning to end of the skills you need to be a dominant stock market investor.
  • Udemy’s money-back guarantee. There’s literally no downside. If you apply this training to your life, the upside is limitless.
  • Worksheets for creating an investment plan that’s entirely you.
  • Information about different ETFs (funds) you can use to get started.

BONUS! When you buy this course through Udemy, you’ll also get access to my site’s tools! This includes:

  • A guided investment plan builder
  • Calculators to make investing EASY
  • Quick lookup tools so you can compare companies in real time (for companies traded in the US only)

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