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Resilience Masterclass: Build a Refuge Mindset for Survival to Thrival

The Resilience Mindset- Survival Tips for the Worst Time of Your Life – For Refugees & Those Who Want Survival Skills

Refugees are individuals who have fled their home countries due to fear of persecution, conflict, widespread violence, or other factors that have disrupted public order and require international protection. I personally have experienced these circumstances, and I am here to help you mentally and physically prepare for the journey of becoming a successful refugee.

We all prefer to live where we choose, but sometimes life has other plans that can either be beneficial or challenging. However, if you are prepared for the worst, you can take advantage of the good opportunities that come your way. Don’t worry, I believe in your ability to persevere and succeed, even in the toughest times of your life.

By taking this Resilience Masterclass: Build a Refugee Mindset for Survival you will be able to:

  • Build the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness
  • Learn practice skills to be resilient and survive
  • Get ready to win all crises, losses, money, sickness, break-up…
  • Will become creative, practice, live better, more success
  • Will learn about my life before becoming a refugee: education, work, and teach design and in the crisis and after
  • Learning new skills and knowledge
  • Have a plan b for your life
  • Make a commitment
  • Learn to research
  • Build growth mindset
  • Focus on things you can manage:

    Mission, goals, purpose, thinking, behavior, decision, beliefs, habits, plans, time, feeling, communication, you, a little bit to people

  • Try to challenge yourself
  • Learn English if it’s not your native language
  • Learn technology
  • Create an online business
  • Show some courage to pursue what you want might be fearful
  • Look and have loyal friends
  • Get ready to be a great asset for anything you aim for example to become a refugee
  • Optimistic and positivity
  • Learn communication skills
  • Cook for the survival day
  • Financial knowledge
  • Mediate for healing
  • Change your words change your life
  • Appreciate what you have now

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