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If you’re a beginner and looking for an exciting and rewarding way to expand your language skills, look no further!

We have the perfect course for you: the Spanish and Portuguese TOGETHER course for beginners like you

Imagine yourself effortlessly navigating the nuances and beauty of these two fascinating languages.

With our course, you will have the opportunity to master both Spanish and Portuguese and learn these two incredible languages at the same time, allowing you to communicate effectively with a wide range of people in a variety of situations.

Here, in our course, we value your desire to learn.

You will feel immersed in the authentic and dedicated learning atmosphere.

We understand that starting a new language can be challenging especially for beginners. Mainly in relation to grammar and verb conjugation which, in relation to Portuguese and Spanish, I can tell you sincerely as a native speaker: they are extremely difficult.

That’s why I’ve carefully designed these lessons to make you feel comfortable and confident right from the start with not worrying about grammar and conjugating as few verbs as possible.

In this new method you will learn Portuguese and Spanish in an easy, simple and natural way, without worrying about verb conjugations or grammar.

You learned to speak English from a young age exactly like this. A baby does not study grammar.

With each lesson, you’ll feel the excitement build as you learn more about the authentic culture and pronunciation.

Even if you are a beginner, believe in yourself and join us in the Spanish and Portuguese Course! From challenge to achievement, our integrated approach makes learning “easy” and fun.

Imagine yourself exploring Spanish-speaking cities or communicating seamlessly in everyday Portuguese conversations in Brazil or Portugal.

With many times more motivation and dedication, you will be ready to face any linguistic challenge that life presents to you.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your language and cultural skills.

Join us and discover the power of learning Spanish and Portuguese in an engaging and effective way.

Feel confident and well prepared to embark on this exciting learning journey.

Enroll in the Spanish and Portuguese Course today and begin your journey to becoming a confident communicator in two of the most influential and exciting languages in the world!

Why is it important that you learn Portuguese and Spanish?

  1. Portuguese is an extremely beautiful language for its musicality and charm.
  2. Brazilian songs are beautiful both in melody and in meaning.
  3. Portuguese is among the 5 most spoken languages ​​among western countries and the 10 most spoken languages ​​in the world, with 260 million speakers.
  4. Spanish it is the second most spoken language in Europe and the United States and the first in Latin America
  5. Knowing Portuguese, you will be able to understand both spoken and written Spanish without difficulty, as the 2 languages ​​are brothers.
  6. Mastering Portuguese, you can easily learn Italian, followed by French, as there are numerous cognates between these languages.

Is Portuguese a very difficult language? And Spanish too?

  • Indeed, the grammar of the Portuguese and Spanish languages is very difficult. However, as even native speakers of the language do not fully master or use it in their day-to-day lives, it will not be the scope of this course.
  • We’ll rely on the pronunciation, which is extremely easy, and on the cognates, the English-like words, to help you learn the language from what you already know.

Why is this course unique?

  • Because you will be written the equivalent pronunciation of each word in Portuguese and Spanish, so that you know exactly how to pronounce it even without hearing it.
  • Because only there you won’t come across boring and difficult grammar rules
  • Because you will be able to speak Portuguese without conjugating the verbs.
  • Because you won’t need to memorize anything. In each class the words will easily enter your mind.
  • Because you will always start with easy and friendly words for English speakers
  • Advanced techniques of Feymann, Shadowing, Spaced Memorization and Memory Palace for quick, simple and effective learning.
  • Hypnosis technique for you to speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently
  • Several exclusive downloadable materials with a list of the 20 most used verbs in Portuguese and Spanish in the present and future tenses in the resource areas of the classes

What makes this course easy and effortless for you as an English speaker?

  1. This course goes straight to what matters, which is conversation, that is, the ability to communicate with any speaker of the Portuguese language.
  2. We will initially use friendly words (cognates) to facilitate your learning. Then we will base ourselves on the words most used by native speakers in their daily lives.
  3. Grammar should only be studied last, after you become fluent in the language. Even so, in spoken language, not even natives use it fully.
  4. As for verb conjugation, we will not teach the second person plural, “vós”, which is practically not used by anyone and would only make it difficult to understand. In fact, this plural person is only used in the Holy Scriptures and even so it is being replaced by more modern and easier versions of the bible.

What advanced techniques will you use to learn Portuguese quickly and, above all, not to forget the vocabulary:

  1. This whole course is based on Feymann’s technique that allows even 5 -year -olds to be able to understand and speak Portuguese easily.
  2. Associative technique, where you won’t learn single words. They will always be inserted in sentences and also associated with images.
  3. Spaced repetitions within each class, which will allow you to record, add, acquire that new word without ever forgetting it.
  4. Periodic revisions in subsequent lessons to facilitate effortless vocabulary memorization.
  5. Shadowing technique, that is, you repeat the words out loud.
  6. Emphasis on pronunciation, so that you understand spoken Portuguese and not just written. In this aspect, the Portuguese language has a much greater connection between the spoken and written language, much easier than, for example, the English language, which facilitates its learning.
  7. Advanced memorization techniques such as mnemonic memorization and the “memory palace”for quick, simple and effective learning.

So don’t waste time and sign up now. A big hug and stay with God!


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