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The module activates learning as a priority. It defines how Augmented Reality is a combination of real scene as observed by the user and a virtual scene created by the computer. The scenes are augmented to appear ONE, how and why is defined well of interest for all. It also explains how the very AR System joins the virtual images with the real ones through add ons of audio/ video and text. The module also fetches,  how the AR is predicted to enhance the perception of things and the people.

The activation of the module puts a greater focus, as one of the primary priorities, on receiving an education. It describes how Augmented Reality is a combination of the actual world as seen by the user and a simulated world generated by the computer. The real world is blended with the simulated world. The actual world is laid on top of the computer-generated one like a layer cake. The landscapes have been enhanced to the point that they seem to be a single coherent whole, and both the how and the why of this process have been clearly set out for the reader. This improvement was made possible by the addition of new content. In addition to this, it describes how the AR System itself combines actual and virtual pictures by overlaying audio, video, and text on top of them. This is done in order to provide a more immersive experience. The procedure for doing this is the same as the one outlined before. The module also takes information on how the user’s vision of both goods and people is anticipated to be enhanced as a consequence of using augmented reality. This information may be used to improve the overall experience of using augmented reality.

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