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Whether you are a self-employed creative professional, entrepreneur, or manager in a major international corporation, intellectual property is one of your most important assets. Copyright protection, in particular, gives creators the right to control the use of their work and the ability to earn from it. Failing to protect your intellectual property can have far-reaching financial and reputational consequences for the creator or business. This is the reason why it is essential to understand how to create, protect and use your intellectual property.

This course focuses on one of the most important areas of intellectual property law: copyright law. I’m sure you are aware that copyright law is a complex subject that causes concern for many because of the legal implications.

This course aims to provide you with the most informative overview of the basics of copyright. We will discuss the kinds of creations that copyright law does and does not cover and the requirements the work should meet in order to be protected. I will tell you about the rights of the copyright holder and how can they be exercised. You will learn what remedies you may pursue against any abuse of your rights and how to avoid copyright infringement in your own work.

Moreover, I want to share with you my insights on the best practices in the field of copyright law, which you can also apply in your work to mitigate the risk of infringing third-party rights. I hope that this course will help you gain a better understanding of the fundamental concepts of copyright law and it will be useful in your daily work.

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