Are You a PRO Series – Docker & Swarm Real Challenges | Udemy Coupons June 2024

Are you a PRO series is a set of Challenges created by Professionals with deep experience and passion for the Technology.

This docker series is updated on September 2020.  It has more than 100s of PRO level Challenges from Docker , Docker Swarm and Docker Compose .

Below are some sample Questions. [A PDF format of these Questions are available in the Resources section]

1. A well-known claim is that Docker is not suitable for Databases, mainly due to performance considerations.

What is your view on this?

Can by using volumes/tmpfs mount this issue can be solved?

What are the key pros and cons of using Docker for Databases?

Also Explain whether dockerizing is necessary for a BigData Environment like Apache Hadoop or Spark?

2.Explain how to keep the containers alive, even when the Docker Daemon is down

3. How to view the logs for the last 1 hour, logs for a particular date, tail the log of a container continuously?

4. Explain how to launch GUI applications from container?

For instance, explain how to run a Javafx or Python desktop application on the host machine from the container, so that containers can be used for software distribution.

Is it possible to distribute Desktop apps using Docker?

5. How to get the IP address and gateway details of the container? List 5 ways to get it.

6. How to start Containers that will run as user with normal Privileges and not as Root user?

7. What is the key issue addressed using docker run command with option –device-write-bps

8. What is the Command to list all the ports used by a container?

How to list all the Mapped ports in a container?

List at least two ways to do it

9. Explain in detail about the Dockers file system?

What is UFS?

Also explain about the snapshotting FS and VFS and their use case scenarios

10. Mention 5 Docker Best Practices similar to this one – Single application per container

11. In the output of docker info command, the below is observed. How to fix this?

WARNING: No memory limit support

12. Explain in detail about Docker image forgery, reply attack and how to proactively prevent them?

Have you used Notary in your projects?

How does signer, client, server interact in Notary?

What is a root key and the different type of keys involved in a transaction?

13. Demo how the flatten a Docker image to remove history of layers associated with the image?

What are the different ways to do it and why it is important for securing information?

How to remove only selected layers?

Have you used Dockviz?

14. Explain the below commands and their purpose

docker run -ti –name=voip1 -v voipdata:/datav voipserver

docker run -ti –name=voip2 –volumes-from voip1 voipserver

15. How will you see Docker events and filter Docker events for the last 1 hour?

16. When to use docker run command with –memory-swap=0 option

17. How will you view and stop all the processes running in container?

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