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It’s no secret that, for the average person, the most reliable path to building wealth is through investment. But for many people, “investment” is a foreign concept. People who lack formal education in financial literacy often don’t know how to invest or even what to invest in. Luckily for most people, the modern era has provided a multitude of investment opportunities that just about anyone can take advantage of as they pursue building their own wealth.

In this class, we take a survey of contemporary investment opportunities that a total beginner could easily get involved in. We address some of the more traditional options, such as real estate and securities investment, as well as some of the more novel opportunities, such as cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer lending. The course is meant merely as an introduction to some of the more popular investment vehicles available at the moment. While we do not go into depth on each of these topics, we do provide an initial guide which can be used to develop more awareness of current investment options.

Our goal is for students to complete this class with an understanding of the wide scale of investment opportunities available. Once you know what’s available, it’s simply a matter of moving forward and delving deeper into the options that intrigue you most. Enjoy the class!

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