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Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly infused the video editing game at the time when short form video editing style has become more of the popular video format on social media platforms like Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, & Tik-tock. The Short Form video style is characterized by the vertical 9:16 format, eye catching captions, progress bar, and branding graphic templates. Traditional video editing programs like Final Cut pro are being disrupted by new and emerging programs.

In this course you will learn the current about the current AI tools available to you to Learn Long Video to shorts as well as an introduction to text prompt to video made popular by Open AI’s Sora.

This is a practical hands-on course that will be using Cap Cut Web & another program to show you 2 competing platforms to perform Ai video editing.

What you will Learn:

  • Which platforms to perform long video to shorts and their pricing plans
  • Learn how to work with short form video editing in the timeline
  • How to publish and schedule your shorts to various social media platforms
  • An introduction to Text to Video
  • The platforms add captions, templates and allow customization of the auto-generated clips

The course will teach you how these next generation video editing platforms make short-form video creation and AI-assisted video production accessible to more creators. The automation and customization opens up engaging new video content formats optimized for modern platforms. This presents an exciting new frontier for video creators to explore.

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