The Witcher 3’s latest patch promises improved Performance Mode on consoles

CD Projekt has released a new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, addressing a number of issues affecting the game’s troubled next-gen upgrade.

The Witcher 3’s long-in-the-works next-gen update finally arrived late last year, but was plagued by reports of technical issues and poor performance on both PC and consoles.

CD Projekt’s first big stab at remedying these problems arrived in February’s 4.01 patch, but, despite some progress, issues persisted. As Digital Foundry noted, for example, while PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X saw some performance improvements in their 30fps ray-tracing mode, 60fps Performance Mode had somehow ended up considerably worse.

Digital Foundry tests The Witcher 3’s 4.01 patch.

According to CD Projekt, today’s 4.02 patch specifically targets this very issue on consoles, but brings a wide range of fixes across all platforms too. PC, for instance, should see improved CPU core utilisation in DX12, as well as the reintroduction of horizon-based ambient occlusion.

All platforms, meanwhile, get added refraction on water for improved “immersion”, a new motion blur slider option, and more, as detailed in CD Projekt’s full patch notes.

CD Projekt currently has a lot Witcher going on, of course; the studio confirmed it was developing a new game in the series last March, while a remake of the first Witcher – which is being developed by Fool’s Theory – was announced in October.

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